Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Mendelssohn D minor Violin Concerto

This past July I have performed Mendelssohn's D minor Violin Concerto with the Endless Mountain Music Festival Orchestra in Mansfield University's Steadmann Theatre under the baton of Stephen Gunzenhauser.
As a funny story, the concert was almost canceled... In the first rehearsal after the first couple of measures, it became clear that the orchestra had the wrong parts. They were from a different Mendelssohn Concerto, also in D minor but for Violin, Piano and Orchestra...
Late in the night after we realized there wasn't enough time to have the proper parts shipped from the rental company in Philadelphia, my wife Victoria managed to find a general score on a russian website. Than the librarians did a wonderful job overnight, cutting and pasting from the general score and creating parts. In the end the audience was very enthusiastic and this opening gala concert for the festival was a success.